To complete the procedures requested by Italian law, you must complete the registration procedure, by attaching a photocopy of your identification document (identity card or passport) of the mobile user within 7 days from the activation.

* PIN / Password

* USER / Login

* Mobile Phone number

* E-mail

* Name

* Surname

* Address

* Town

* Prov.

Identification document

 Identity card  Passport  Driving license

* Identification document number

* Gender

 M  F

* Country of birth

* Year of birth

To regularize the MAXSIM registration, you must send a copy or photograph of the identification document. It is possible to upload files or send a fax to 051.7456909.

Upload Identification document
JPG, tiff and PDF files are accepted

NB. If the registration procedure is not completed within 7 days, the MAXSIM service will be suspended, unless it is reactivated as soon as the procedure is completed by sending the required documents.

 I certify that I have read the instructions and operation mode of the MAXSIM
 I certify that I have read the Privacy rules


The suspension/interruption of the MaxSim service, decided by ABC Marketing s.r.l. shall not affect the use of the remaining credit once the registration procedure is completed successfully or impair the eventual return of the remaining credit from the company that manages the sale (ABC Marketing s.r.l.,, which can be done on specific request and after all the necessary checks.
In fact in the case that the user resolves the legal report with ABC Marketing s.r.l., he must get immediately in touch with ABC Marketing s.r.l. at the above address and make a request for a refund of the remaining credit: once the registration and the correspondence of the heading of the user is checked, ABC Marketing s.r.l. will carry out the required credit, deducting the expenses for the bank transaction (Article 67 c.o. 3 Consumer Code, Legislative Decree dated 6 September 2005, n.206).

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