How to save

MAXSIM rates are extremely affordable, with no charge on answering and counting effected on the actual seconds of the  conversation.

MAXSIM starts automatically when the international code is present in the called number.

The cost of each call is determined by the call cost  to an Italian landline (recorded by your service provider) + the cost of the call to the international number recorded according to MAXSIM rates, verifiable on-line on the RATES page.

maxsim packagingFor those who are in possession of flat rates towards an Italian national landline, the cost of the international call is reduced only to the one recorded by MAXSIM.

The called international user (both landline and mobile) is NOT subject to any cost.

The MAXSIM membrane uses the GSM network to route calls; it does not need a WiFi or GPRS/3G network. This allows you to make calls even when you are on the move and to keep the same quality found using your mobile telephony operator.

It is the membrane itself which automatically identifies when the user makes a call to an international number. By pressing the number to be called (foreign landline or foreign mobile operator) the call will automatically be sent by the SIM being used to our technical premises that will end the call to the called foreign number at the best rates on the market.

All rates indicated on the website are by the minute, with charging to the actual second, without charge on answering or anticipated conversation and VAT included.

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