How to activate it

installare maxsimIt is very easy to install MAXSIM as it is an adherent thin membrane which, once coupled to your SIM, reinserts itself easily in the mobile phone.

Once MAXSIM is installed in your telephone, you just have to call the local number indicated in the use manual with your mobile phone:


and follow the vocal instructions which will ask you to communicate the PIN code written on the pack (the mobile number will be automatically recognized by MAXSIM).

Once activated, you can use MAXSIM straight away.

You can however top up at any centre in Italy.

To complete the procedures requested by Italian law, you must register the MAXSIM within 7 days on the REGISTRATION page, entering your requested personal data and attaching a photocopy of your identification document (identity card or passport) of the mobile user.
If the registration procedure is not completed within 7 days, the MAXSIM service will be suspended, unless it is reactivated as soon as the procedure is completed by sending the required documents.

Costs charged to the second, without charge on answering, without additional fees.

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